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Dear CGA Student,

 We would like to inform you of the following:

 1. The results of exams held in December 2001 has been released on the website: Please note that you should input your student number as 1998/1999/2000/200108xxxx

2. If you wish to register courses in Session 3, 2001-2002 (March 2002-June 2002) , or supplemental exam in March 2002, please complete the application form attached and remit the payment before February 8 to the following account.


        号: 7111910182600018462


Please note that you must send the application form to our office by e-mail or fax and arrange the payment before deadline.  We will arrange for exams or order the course materials only upon receipt of your registration form and payment.

3. As a reminder, the fee schedule is shown bellow:
        - Course fee with lecture: RMB 3,400
        - Course fee without lecture: RMB 3,000

        - Course fee of assignment-only course: RMB3,000

        - Supplemental exam: RMB500

4. If you want to change exam center in Session 2, please inform us by e-mail before February 8.

   5. From next session all important notices and newsletters will not  be sent by E-mail and we will  put them on our website   Please access our website on a daily basis to keep yourself up to date.


 Should you have any questions, please contact us.

 Best Regards,

 CGA BJ Office

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