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Degree Partnerships
Before students complete the CGA Program of Professional Studies and earn their designation, they must also complete a bachelor’s degree from a recognized post-secondary institution.

Degrees may be obtained in any field, and foreign degrees deemed equivalent to Canadian standards are also acceptable.

For students who enter the CGA program without a degree, the CGA Association has established partnerships with a number of post-secondary institutions that allow students to earn their degree while studying for their CGA designation. The CGA Association is also continually pursuing additional partnerships.

Note that university degree requirements differ in Quebec.

CGA Association education partners

SAIT's Bachelor of Applied Business Administration, with majors in accounting and information technology, provides CGAs with the skills necessary to keep up with changes in technology, the globalization of business and industry, and an increasing focus on business ethics in the modern workplace.

Merging advanced accounting skills with the use of current and emerging technology leads to a unique and highly marketable skill set, as graduates of this program are able to incorporate technology into the business decision-making process.

Information technology courses are taught from an accounting/financial management perspective and start at an introductory level; candidates do not require a background in technology.

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