Self-Assessment Tool

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Self-Assessment Tool 

Do you have what it takes to be a certified general accountant(CGA)? 

If you're considering a career as a CGA, you'll want to know what is required with regards to basic attributes, learning styles, time commitment, previous education, computer experience and work requirements. 

This self-assessment is divided into three sections: 

The basic self-assessment tool helps you determine whether you have the fundamental characteristics that translate to success in the CGA program. Here you'll also find links to other self-assessment and career information sites. 

The numeracy aptitude test challenges your knowledge and helps you determine whether you understand the basic mathematics principles you'll need in the CGA program. 

What can you expect to study? You can view sample lessons and assignments from Level 1 (Financial Accounting 1), Level 3 (Financial Accounting 3) and Level 4 (Auditing 1) courses to see if you make the grade.
FA1 - chapter 1, chapter 2
FA3 - chapter 13
AU1 - chapter 1, chapter 4 

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