CGA 上海分会 05/06 第二次后续职业教育活动简介

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CGA Shanghai Chapter 05/06 Second CPE Event Contents

Time:  2pm to 5 pm, 21 August 2005, Sunday
Venue:  Bank of China Plaza, Yincheng Middle Rd., Lujiazui Area, Pudong, Shanghai (to be confirmed)
Major Topic:  Personal Wealth Management and Investment

Topic 1: Property and Securities Investment in China  1 hour

Lecturer: Mr. Liu, Independent Property and Securities Investment Advisor of a Fund over 1 Billion

In this topic, the lecturer will provide in-depth analysis of the overall property and security market, discuss recent headlines and other hot topics, and even give suggestions on corresponding investment strategies.

Topic 2: Career and Time Management 0.5 hour

Lecturer: Edward Cao, FC of a Fortune 500 Company in Great China Area,Senior CGA Member

Based on personal experience and years of systematic training, the lecturer will share his career and time management wisdoms with everyone.

Topic 3: Personal Wealth Management 1.5 hour

Lecturer: Top 10 Personal Wealth Management Analyst of BOC

In the topic the strong Analysts Team will give a brief introduction of available personal wealth management tools/options, analyze basic wealth management considerations and may even provide tailor-made solutions to interested attendees.

CGA 上海分会 05/06 第二次后续职业教育活动简介

时间:  2005 年8月21日,星期天,下午2点到5点间
活动地点:  浦东陆家嘴银城中路中银大厦 (待确认)
主题:  个人投资与财富管理

话题1: 楼市与证券投资  1 小时

主讲人: 刘先生,独立楼市与证券投资顾问,基金资产规模超过十亿。


话题2: 职业规划及时间管理 0.5 小时

主讲人: 曹俊,世界500强大中国区财务总监,CGA中国资深会员


话题 3: 个人财富管理 1.5 小时

主讲人: 中国银行10大个人理财分析师

在本小节中,这支出色的分析师队伍将对市面上现有的个人理财产品进行简要介绍, 分析基本的理财要点,并可能向有兴趣的与会者提供度身定制的个人理财方案。


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