2005-2006 Syllabus

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The purpose of the Syllabus is to provide detailed information on the content of the courses in the CGA Program of Professional Studies. This document has been produced for education administrators, course authors, course examiners, committee members, and resource people in the CGA education system; current and potential students and those who advise them; and others in the professional, academic, and general community. [For other program information, please refer to one of the regional CGA associations linked under “CGA Affiliates” on the CGA-Canada website (www.cga-canada.org).]

The remaining sections of this introduction provide background information on the program. The main part of the document comprises the course descriptions and the lesson-by-lesson outlines of the course content,  including levels of competence required, in the following order of subjects:
• financial accounting
• management accounting
• auditing/management auditing
• finance
• management information systems
• taxation
• general business (communications, economics, law, quantitative methods)
• professional applications
• computer tutorials
• SAIT courses
• Laurentian University H.B. Com courses
• Laurentian University MBA courses

At the beginning of each major subject section is a topic index. The index identifies the specific courses and lessons in which each topic is covered, and indicates the level of competence required.
The amount of information provided on each course in this edition of the Syllabus depends on its current status in the program. Courses under review or development may have only a provisional description.


 2005-2006 Syllabus (Attached)


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