To CGA 2002 Undergraduates about SFU Master Program

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To CGA2002 students:

In order to better serve CGA students who are interested in going abroad, especially to Canada to continue their higher education, CGA-China representative, Techscien Professional Education Institute-T.P.E.I, has maintained close contacts with many Canadian universities. Recently, TPEI and Business School of Simon Fraser University (SFU) conducted discussions regarding accepting CGA students into their Master of Financial Risk Management program. The following is the brief introduction to this program:

1. About Simon Fraser University
Located in Vancouver, British Columbia of Canada, Simon Fraser University was established in 1965. At present, it has about 25,000 students in different disciplines with its liberal arts and sciences rated on the top of North America. In 2005, SFU has been rated as the fourth best comprehensive university in Canada.

2.    About Master of Financial Risk Management at SFU:
(1) Starting time: September 2005
(2)  Total credits required: 38
(3) Program length: Full-time, three semesters: September to December, January to April, May to August
(4) Application deadline: April 30
(5) Tuition: CAD$19,950
               (6) Entry qualifications:

a. A Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) Score Report or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
b. An undergraduate degree in business, commerce, economics, mathematics, physics or other suitable programs
c. Three letters of Reference from colleagues, supervisors or significant clients
d. Preference will be given to candidates with two to three years of related work experience
e. Demonstrated proficiency in English may be required if you have not graduated from an English-speaking university or if your first language is not English
f. In-person or telephone interview with the admission committee

(For more information, please visit our website:

Based on the discussion results between TPEI and Business School of SFU, the following common understanding has been reached regarding admission of China CGA students into Master of Financial Risk Management program at SFU.

1. Preference will be given to CGA students who possess the same
qualifications as other students
2. SFU Business School will accept the confirmation letter issued by TPEI
and the letter can be used for:
A. One of the references required to apply for the Master of Financial Risk Management at SFU;
B. Possible exemption of TOEFL or IELTS after the telephone interview by SFU.

Therefore, those CGA students who meet the following requirements and require TPEI confirmation letter should fill out the attached form and affix it with university academic record seal and return to appropriate CGA office by March 19, each year.

1. Plan to apply for the Master of Financial Risk Management at SFU
2. Passed CGA 4 global exam courses: TX1, FA4, FN2, MS2
3. Passed CGA PA1 global exam or in progress before graduation

Techscien Professional Education Institute (CGA-China representative)
Address: Room 305, Main Building
          Kingold Education Base
          No. 533 Tianhe Road,
          Guangzhou 510075, P.R. China
Tel: 020-8551-0783
Fax: 020-8750-6507
Contact person: James Yang

Application form for TPEI confirmation letter.doc

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