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Friday, 10 October 2008 | Guangzhou | Garden Hotel

Igniting Passion in Shareholders through Report Leadership
Report Leadership – Tomorrow’s Reporting Today

In recent years, there have been significant efforts to change and improve financial reporting. What is the result of these changes?

Has the financial reporting process become better or worse?

Have the financial reports become more or less relevant, reliable and understandable? What should be done next?

Corporate reporting should be more informative and accessible. But can it provide the information investors want without swamping them in unnecessary detail?

The Report Leadership group came together to develop simple, practical ways to improve narrative and financial reporting. This publication outlines our initial thinking, which reflects input and feedback from a range of investors.

It is intended to:
- Help companies to report in ways that are more relevant and informative to their primary audience

- Encourage investors to push for the information they want

- Prompt standard setters to consider how they might foster beneficial change

Mr. Norman Lyle, FCMA, FCT
Supervisor, Standard Chartered Bank, China
Independent Non-Executive Director, Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong
CIMA president (1997-1998)

An experienced executive and non executive director, whose career covers retailing, property, hotels, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. He has extensive knowledge of business in the UK, Asia and Africa and has been responsible at board level for finance, information technology, risk management, compliance and pensions.

Mr Lyle worked for Jardine Matheson as Group Finance Director in Hong Kong for 8 years starting from 1997. He experienced events as serious as Asia’s currency crisis and the outbreak of SARS. He used economic value-added (EVA) to better manage capital delivering significant value to the company’s shareholders. Before joined Jardine, he spent 26 years with ICI, a chemicals conglomerate starting in 1971 as a management accountant, and finishing as group treasurer.  He lead the team to demerge the pharmaceutical business into Zeneca Plc where he was the General Manager Finance. He was awarded an OBE for helping foster Hong Kong-UK business relationships in 2004.

Mr Lyle attended the Senior Management Programme of Harvard Business School, and the UK Cabinet Office Top Management Programme. He is also the Fellow of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and Fellow Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Agenda in Brief/日程安排

2:00pm Registration                      签到
2.30pm Welcome and CIMA Introduction   欢迎辞/CIMA介绍
    Mr. Eric Pan         潘鉴标先生
    Regional Business Development Manager  区域业务发展经理-华南区,
    CIMA, South China
3.00pm Igniting Passion through Report Leadership  主题演讲-领先财务报告点燃股东激情
    Mr. Norman Lyle                        Norman Lyle先生
    Independent Non-Exective Director   独立非执行董事
    Standard Chartered Bank, Hongkong           渣打银行,香港
    Q&A         互动问答
4.30pm Networking Tea       茶歇/社交
4.45pm Event End        活动结束

Event Information/活动信息

Friday, 10 October 2008 | Guangzhou
City:   Guangzhou        广州
Venue:  Garden Hotel Guangzhou  广州花园酒店
3/F Room Hydrangea       3楼绣球厅
Tel 020 83338989        电话 020 83338989
368 Huan Shi Dong Lu      环市东路368号
Language:  English        英文
Cost:   RMB100  Member     会员
RMB200  Student / Employer   学员/雇主企业
RMB300  Non-CIMA      非CIMA
Payment:  Pay at the door, cash only.     活动当日付于签到到,接受现金。
Hotel food & beverage fapiao    可以提供酒店餐饮发票。
will be available please indicate   如有需要,请在报名时注明
upon RSVP


To register for this event, please send the following details to Alva Ma:

Event code    CAN0801

Contact ID     _______________ (for CIMA students and members only)

Company     _____________________________________

Name of Attendees 1) _______________ 2) __________________

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