Public Sector Internal Audit (PSIA) Conference 2017 registration 报名现已正式开放

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Public Sector Internal Audit (PSIA) Conference 2017 registration 报名现已正式开放




新加坡内部审计师协会第五届公共部门内部审计会议的主题为“迎接未来的挑战”。会议将邀请来自新加坡及以外地区的演讲者、专家和思想领袖,他们将介绍不断变化的世界所带来的主要风险,以及它将如何影响公共部门内部审计师的职能。其中一位主题专家还将探讨数据分析能力所带来的机遇。会议将对修订的COSO ERM框架进行更新,以帮助组织制定战略管理风险并提高其整体绩效。内部审计专家小组及其利益相关者将围绕公共部门应该如何面对不断变化的形势所带来的预期挑战进行公开讨论。


Conference Overview

The change in global economic landscape with the uncertainty in the U.S.policies,structural changes in China's economy add to the complexity of world of digitisation,cybercrime and technological disruptions.The speed of change is also a big challenge to organisations.What had worked today would be inadequate to meet the challenges and risks of the future.

In the development of any economy,public sectors play a significant role.Public sector internal auditors play an important supporting role in making their organisations achieve their KPIs.It is not easy in today's dynamic risk landscape.Various stakeholders may have competing needs that internal audit have to understand and meet.A successful internal audit must collaborate effectively with its stakeholders,align with the strategies,objectives and risks of its organisation,be insightful and future focused.

The theme of the 5th Public Sector Internal Audit Conference of The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore is "Rising to the Challenges of the Future".The conference will feature speakers,panelists and thought leaders from Singapore and beyond who will present the key risks emerging from the changing world and how it will impact on the internal auditor functions in the public sector.A subject matter expert will also explore the opportunities presented by the power of data analytics.There will be an update on the revised COSO ERM framework that helps organisations set strategy,manage risks,and enhance their overall performance.A panel of IA professionals and their stakeholders will round up the day with an open discussion on the expected challenges the public sector will face with the changing landscape.

In addition,a prominent Audit Committee Chairman will be sharing his expectations of IA.Several thought leaders will then share how they are adapting to stay ahead of the curve of these emerging trends.The conference will close with a panel discussing how IA and its stakeholders should strengthen their collaboration to rise to the challenges of the future.

Conference Highlights

The theme for the 5th Public Sector Internal Audit Conference "Rising to the Challenges of the Future",reflects the importance for internal auditors to be adequately equipped and future-ready.

The topics*for this year's conference include:

• Innovation Disrupts -Digital World

• Disruption in Public Sector and the Impact on the IA Profession

• Cyber Crime:The Growing Risks to Organisations

• The Power of Data Analytics -Application in Singapore Government

• Keeping COSO ERM framework updated

• In Conversation –Audit Committee’s Expectations

• Case Study -Reinvention Driven by Changing Landscape

• Drive Internal Audit Success in World of Transformation

• Building a Strong Public Sector for the Digital Future

• Stronger Collaboration with Stakeholders

Featured Speaker &Topics

Public Sector Internal Audit (PSIA) Conference 2017 registration 报名现已正式开放

Mr.Bruce Turner AM

Chair,IIA-Australia Audit &Risk Committee

Stronger Collaboration with Stakeholders

With internal audit playing a unique role in the organisation,they work with a wide range of stakeholders in their organisation.Effective internal auditors are closely related to their knowledge of their organisation's mission,strategy,objectives and risks.In the building of strong collaborative relationships with their stakeholders,the board,the audit committee and management,the internal auditors are in constant contact with the business,thereby being able to quickly grasp any strategic changes.Thus,the work delivered by the internal auditors can be better aligned with the strategic risks of the organisation and greater value can be delivered to the stakeholders.The delegates will hear from Mr.Turner on his insights on how to build strong collaboration between internal audit and its stakeholders and the value that can be derived.

The Rates

Public Sector Internal Audit (PSIA) Conference 2017 registration 报名现已正式开放

Stay tuned for more speakers'updates!

Early Bird Rates from $1177(incl.GST).

Register here.

*Please note that the conference programme is subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Public Sector Internal Audit (PSIA) Conference 2017 registration 报名现已正式开放


Public Sector Internal Audit (PSIA) Conference 2017 registration 报名现已正式开放




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