The Future of Finance Summit 2018

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导读:Please contact Orlanda Poblete at for more details.

The Future of Finance Summit 2018 

The Asian Banker is the leading international provider of strategic intelligence to the financial services industry across Asia,the Middle East and Africa.Over the last 20years,the Summit events have become a globally acknowledged platform for top thought-leaders,CEOs,and senior decision makers in the industry.

The Asian Banker’s The Future of Finance Summit 2018in Beijing is an exciting,all-inclusive annual gathering bringing together a wide range of players -banks,internet finance companies,asset managers,insurance companies,investors and customers.This year,The Asian Banker is pleased to have the inventor of World Wide Web,Sir Tim Berners-Lee as the keynote speaker.This Summit is your chance to engage with out-of-box speakers from giant unicorn companies,most disruptive players and outstanding industry leaders that are shaping the ongoing revolution in the industry that is capturing the world’s attention.

The Future of Finance Summit 2018( on 23-25May,and there is a 10%discount for all members of IMA (Promo code:FOFS4member).The registration fee includes accommodation as well as food and beverage during the event.

Please contact Orlanda Poblete at for more details.

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