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为了进一步扩大会员福利,IPA引入了一系列新的优质战略合作伙伴关系,如:Officeworks,Qantas Business Rewards和St.George银行集团。最近,我们与Reckon合作推出了在线云会计软件IPA Books +。小型企业将受到2019年7月实施的单一工资制度影响,而云会计软件的发展对小型企业至关重要。


Damien Moore


A remarkable year by all accounts

At the time of writing this report,the Institute is awaiting final sign-off of the accounts and preparing its annual report for the 2017-18financial year.

I am pleased to report it has been another stellar year for the IPA,heralded by record growth and retained earnings;a vital element for reinvestment to deliver even greater member benefits.

Growth has been significant in all regions (Australia,UK and Asia).However,none of these results could be possible without the breadth and quality of support from you,out loyal members.

It is worthwhile to mention a number of the highlights that took place throughout the year;as there has been a range of activities that we can all be proud of.

At the start of the financial year,the IPA took on its new look with a refreshed brand,which has been very well received in the marketplace.This change stemmed from considerable research and has translated to all of our other operational jurisdictions.

After many months of work with the Professional Standards Council (PSC),we extended the PSC scheme to cover all states and territories under mutual recognition.This provided IPA members with a capped liability should there ever be a claim made based on quality of advice or conduct.We anticipate that this arrangement is to be extended to a permanent standalone scheme,likely to commence in early 2019.Similarly,our advocacy activities throughout the year have been tireless and have involved a large number of submissions to government,regulators and standard setters.This has been supported by strong media relations to highlight our position on key issues impacting members,the profession and small businesses.

The IPA has represented its members and the profession in key areas,including tax reform,superannuation guarantee amnesty,the proposed SMSF 3-year audit cycle,along with many other issues.It would also be remiss not to mention the development of the second edition of our Australian Small Business White Paper launched at the end of September;this was a significant body of over 12months’work through the IPA Deakin SME Research Centre and will form the basis of ongoing advocacy and lobbying work.

To underline the global nature of the profession and the IPA Group,we undertook our inaugural UK delegation,with Australian members enjoying an insightful program of visits in London.This was followed by another delegation to China,with a focus on commercial benefits,including visits to key business segment leaders such as Alibaba,which is set to become the largest online retailer in the world.

To extend further member benefits,the IPA has introduced a number of new strategic partnerships,including quality brands such as:Officeworks,Qantas Business Rewards and the St.George banking group.More recently,in partnership with Reckon,we have introduced the online accounting software solution,IPA Books+.This development is important for small business that will be impacted by the single touch payroll regime when it is implemented in July 2019.

Yes,it has indeed been a great year for the IPA.I look forward to the next 12months,where we will strive for even greater achievements.

Damien Moore FIPA FFA

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