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ACA exams

We are introducing computer-based exams for the ACA Professional and Advanced Level exams from 2017.

Enhancing the exam experience with technology

The components of the ACA are designed to complement each other,which means that ACA students,are able to put theory into practice and vice versa.Integrating technology into our exams will enhance the exam experience for our students,by making it more reflective of their everyday work environment.

Technology plays a large part in the workplace and it is likely students are familiar with using technology to write reports,create spreadsheets,tables and undertake computations for example.Our new computer-based exam platform will reflect the activities students are already undertaking as part of their ACA training and will be introduced from 2017.

Computer-based exams,at the ACA Professional and Advanced Levels,will be implemented in stages across a two-year period.The Tax Compliance and Audit and Assurance exams will be the first to move to computer in March 2017.See below for the implementation dates for all Professional and Advanced Level exams.

Computer-based exam:guidance and support

The new exam software has all the essential functions that students need during an exam,and they will already be familiar with most of them.We have conducted extensive student testing on the new computer-based exam system and we are confident that the software contains all the functionality that students will require to complete your exams.A restricted live pilot was also held at the September Professional Level exam session when a group of students took their Audit and Assurance and Tax Compliance exams on computer and the results were directly comparable to students taking the same exam on paper.

To help students become familiar with the new computer-based exam platform,the following support and guidance is available:

• A series of short webinars that focus on introducing computer-based exams,the ICAEW exam software and the exam experience from start to finish.

• A computer-based exam guide providing detail on what to expect on the day of the exam,how to navigate through the software,key functionality within the software and frequently asked questions

• Practice software.

Implementation dates:


March Professional Level exam sitting with the first computer-based exams for Tax Compliance and Audit and Assurance.

September Professional Level exam sitting with the first computer-based exams for Financial Accounting and Reporting and Financial Management.


March Professional Level exam sitting with the first computer-based exams for Business Planning and Business Strategy.

November First computer-based exam sitting for the Advanced Level.

Computer-based exams:guidance and support,please visit the link below.


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