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Published date: 27/05/2021


IPA office update: Progress on the IPA’s approach with sustainability istracking steadily. 


The key focus now is the preparation of a sustainability special editionof Public Accountant, which is slated for the August/September issue. This willbe a great conversation-starter and begin to align sustainability with the IPAbrand. 


At head office, some new bins have arrived that will be used to createfour new waste stations around the office. More information on this will beprovided once we can return on-site. I’ll be sure to get in touch with otherstate offices soon to see what could work in your respective spaces aswell. 


This marks the beginning of our SDG 8.4 initiative, which is all about decouplingeconomic growth from environmental degradation. More on this as itdevelops! 


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: If you have ever heardthe acronym ‘SDGs’ and not known what it refers to, here is a quickoverview. 

联合国可持续发展目标。如果你曾经听说过 "SDG "这个缩写,但不知道它指的是什么,这里有一个简单的概述。

The SDGs are a fixture in the strategy and corporate reporting of manyprivate sector entities, as they are recognisable and demonstrate an alignmentwith the broader global sustainability initiative. The SDGs comprise of 17ambitious goals to essentially achieve a better and more equitable world forboth present and future generations. 


The goals include ‘no poverty’, ‘good health and wellbeing’, ‘goodeducation’, ‘gender equality’, ‘decent work and economic growth’, ‘climateaction’, and more. 

这些目标包括 "消除贫困"、"健康和福利"、"良好教育"、"性别平等"、"体面的工作和经济增长"、"气候行动",等等。

You can find out more about all 17 goals here (https://sdgs.un.org/goals). Thanks!


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