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• Joint delivery of ISIA’s first professional qualification program under its Education Framework


• Four modules include Financial Reporting, Budgets and Management Accounting, Financial Performance, Internal Controls and Economics, and Taxation and Law


• Internationally recognised standards of accounting and auditing in Solomon Islands will strengthen the local accounting profession and increase foreign investors’ confidence in the country’s financial reporting system


MELBOURNE, May 26, 2022 – The Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants (ISIA) has signed a historic Partnership Agreement with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA, which is supported by the Australian Aid Program through the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs. The strategic Partnership between the two Professional Accounting Organisations (PAOs) in collaboration with Monarch Institute will see the joint delivery of ISIA’s first ever professional qualification program under its Education Framework launched in 2020.

墨尔本时间,2022年5月26日—ISIA与IPA签署了一项历史性的合作关系协议,该协议由澳大利亚外交部的澳大利亚援助计划提供支持。两个专业会计组织(PAOs)与莫纳克学院(Monarch Institute)合作的战略合作伙伴关系,将使ISIA根据其2020年发布的教育框架推出首个专业学历课程。

The Professional Diploma in Accounting is a four-module program aimed at equipping bookkeepers and accounting technicians with relevant knowledge and technical skills aligned to internationally recognised standards. This is consistent with the Institute’s overall objective of raising the standards of the local accounting profession in the country.


Pamela Naesol-Alamu, ISIA’s Chief Executive Officer said: “The overall intention of the Institute is to raise the confidence of the public and other key stakeholders who rely on the services provided by our members. As the legal body mandated to develop and regulate the accounting and auditing profession in Solomon Islands, ISIA has a big responsibility to professionally develop our accountants to ensure that they are highly competent and well-equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to provide high-quality services to their employers and their clients”.

ISIA首席执行官帕梅拉·纳索尔·阿拉穆(Pamela Naesol-Alamu)表示:“ISIA的意图是,提高公众和其他依赖我们会员所提供服务的利益相关者的信心。作为被授权发展和管理所罗门群岛会计和审计行业的法律机构,协会负有重大责任去培养我们的会计师,以确保他们能胜任并具备相关知识和技能,从而使他们能够为雇主和客户提供高质量的服务。”

This program will significantly contribute to the development of local accountants, especially those with years of practical work experience in the field but do not have a degree qualification. Successful candidates under this program will be certified by the Institute as practicing bookkeepers and accounting technicians. ISIA also intends to use this qualification to certify tax agents in the future once the Tax Administration Bill is passed by Parliament.


Andrew Conway, IPA Group Chief Executive Officer said: “The co-design of a genuine capacity building education program to support financial transparency provides self-sufficiency to ISIA and the accounting and auditing profession in the Solomon Islands. This underpins economic health and goes to the heart of the global accounting professions’ ethos to operate in the public interest. We’re proud to play a role in the development of this model which has garnered interest from other Pacific Island countries.”

IPA集团首席执行官安德鲁·康威教授(Andrew Conway)表示:“共同设计一个真正的能力建设教育计划,以支持财务透明度,使ISIA以及所罗门群岛的会计和审计行业实现了自给自足。这是经济健康的基础,也是全球会计职业道德的核心,即为公众利益服务。我们很自豪能够在这种模式的发展过程中发挥作用,此模式已经吸引了其他太平洋岛国。”

Monarch Institute Chief Executive Officer, Nick Chapman, agrees that the introduction of ISIA’s professional qualification is important for both the industry and the accounting members based in the Solomon Islands.

莫纳克学院(Monarch Institute)首席执行官尼克·查普曼(Nick Chapman)也同意引入ISIA的专业学历项目对行业和所罗门群岛的会计成员都很重要。

“Monarch Institute is delighted to be involved in this important program for the accounting and auditing professions in the Solomon Islands. The collaborative program is being developed by leading industry professionals and practitioners from Monarch, ISIA and the IPA and will utilise Monarch’s award-winning learning platform for delivery. We look forward to working with all the parties to continue to build and enhance the capacity of these important professional services in the region”.

“莫纳克学院(Monarch Institute) 很高兴参与所罗门群岛会计和审计专业的这一重要课程计划。该合作由来自Monarch、ISIA和IPA的领先行业专业人士和从业人员开发,并将利用Monarch屡获殊荣的学习平台进行授课。我们期待与各方合作,一同继续建设和加强这些地区重要专业服务的能力。

The four modules offered in this program include Financial Reporting, Budgets and Management Accounting, Financial Performance, Internal Controls and Economics, and Taxation and Law. The Tax and Law module is currently being developed by ISIA and will be contextualised to the Solomon Islands Income Tax Act, as well as other local tax regimes. Students undertaking this program will learn about the tax systems in Solomon Islands and the application of the Income Tax Act.


Consequently, this will be the certifying qualification which the Institute intends to use to certify tax agents in the future. This means that any practicing accountant intending to be registered as a tax agent will be required to successfully undergo this program. This will ensure that the Institute certifies persons who are technically competent and has the appropriate knowledge and skills required to offer book-keeping and taxation services to the public. It acts as a quality-control mechanism over the services that ISIA members provide to the public.


Ms Naesol-Alamu said: “This is a milestone achievement for the Institute. We are so happy to be able to deliver to our members and potential members, a quality professional accounting program that will develop their knowledge and skills and in turn raise the quality of services they provide whether it be in employment or in public practice. It has taken us almost two years to eventually bring this concept to life and we are very thankful and grateful to all our key partners in this project. The progress made so far would not have been possible without the financial support of the Australian Government, the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), Monarch Institute, and Pearson Vue, who have significantly contributed to executing this project and making it a reality”.

纳索尔·阿拉穆(Naesol-Alamu)女士说:“这是协会的一个里程碑式成就。我们很高兴能够为我们的会员和潜在会员提供高质量的专业会计课程,该课程将发展他们的知识和技能,从而提高他们的服务质量,无论是在就业还是在公共实践中。我们花了将近两年的时间才最终将这个概念变为现实,我们非常感谢这个项目中所有的关键合作伙伴。如果没有澳大利亚政府、IPA、Monarch 学院和皮尔森·维埃(Pearson Vue)的财政支持,迄今取得的进展是不可能出现的,他们为执行和实现该项目作出了重大贡献”。

The ISIA Secretariat, under the leadership of the CEO continues to progress the Institute’s Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 which ultimately aims at raising standards of the local accounting and auditing profession to meet international standards in the future.


Having internationally recognised standards of accounting and auditing in Solomon Islands will strengthen the local accounting profession which in turn will increase foreign investors’ confidence in the financial reporting system of the country. It will also strengthen public financial management of government resources which is a critical factor for sound economic development of an emerging economy such as Solomon Islands.




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